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Busy Halloween, Campbell Books (tbc) 


The Sleepover, Jenny Jinks, Franklin Watts (April 2018)


In the Jungle, sticker & activity, Igloo Books (June 2018)

On the Farm, sticker & activity, Igloo Books (June 2018)

Under the Sea, sticker & activity, Igloo Books (June 2018)

Things with Wings, sticker & activity, Igloo Books (June 2018)


Dinosaur Adventures Velociraptor: The Speedy Tale, Miles Kelly (August 2018)




Books written and illustrated by me


Brave Max, Flying Frog Publishing (2016)

Proud Dylan, Flying Frog Publishing (2016)

Confident Emily, Flying Frog Publishing (2016)

Lovable Lily, Flying Frog Publishing (2016)




Published Work


Give Thank You a Try, one spread, James Patterson, Jimmy Patterson Books (2017)


Monkey Tricks, Stephanie Moss, Igloo Books (2017)


Please and Thank You, Liza Charlesworth, Scholastic USA (2017)


Busy Vet, Campbell Books (2017)

Busy Cafe, Campbell Books (2017)

Busy Park, Campbell Books (2017)

Busy Farm, Campbell Books (2017)


Izzy Wizzy, Elizabeth Dale, Maverick Books (2017)

Buzz and Jump! Jump! Alice Hemming, Maverick Books (2017)


Dinosaur World Records, Isabel Thomas, Rising Stars (2017)


The Big Box, Sue Graves, Franklin Watts (2017)


Fish and Chips, table-top game, Cardinal Industries Inc. (2016)


Little Giraffe’s Big Idea, Benjamin Richards, Top That (2016)


Don’t Get in a Mess!, Sam Watkins, Franklin Watts (2016)


I want to be a...Wizard, activity tin, Centum Books (2016)


Ladybird Five-Minute Stories, farm & dinosaur stories, Ladybird Books (2016)


My Amazing Animals Colouring Book, Igloo Books (2016)


Busy Pets, Campbell Books (2016)

Busy Baking, Campbell Books (2016)


Lion and the Shark, Edventure Books (2016)


My Drawing, Doodling and Colouring Book, various spreads, Arcturus Publishing (2015)


Collins Revision Guides, covers and spot illustrations, Collins Education (2015/ 2017)


Ben’s Kind Deeds, AZ Books (2014)


My Emergency Vehicles Colouring Book, Igloo Books (2014)

My Building Site Colouring Book, Igloo Books (2014)

My Dinosaur Colouring Book, Igloo Books (2014)

My Pirate Colouring Book, Igloo Books (2014)

My Monster Colouring Book, Igloo Books (2014)

Things that Go! Colouring Book, Igloo Books (2014)


Busy Ant Maths, various guides, Collins Education (2014)


We Love to Share, Liza Charlesworth, Scholastic USA (2014)

On the Playground, Liza Charlesworth, Scholastic USA (2014)


Dinosaur Safari, pop-up, Maggie Bateson, Simon and Schuster (2014)


Puppy Love, Igloo Books (2013)





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